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Trial of Guildsman

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Warehouse Keeper Valkon
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Guildsman

Things you need before starting the quests:
-- 7 x Steel
-- 70 x Varnish
-- 70 x Crystals - D Grade
Note: After Freya only need the D crystals

1) Quest begins at Giran Castle Town.Talk to Warehouse Keeper Valkon in warehouse. You need to accept the task to make 7 journeyman's rings. In order to make the item, the ingredients and the recipe are required.

2) Before going out to get the recipe for it, first go to the Execution Ground and kill Mandragora. Collect just one of the quest item Mandragora Berry.

3) After obtaining a Mandragora Berry, go to the Talking Island Village and visit Blacksmith Altran. He will give you the recipe of ring and the list of materials to needed to craft the ring. The required ingredients are as follows: 1 journeyman's jewel, 1 journeyman's ornamental bead, 1 iron, 10 polishes/varnishes, and 10 D-grade crystals. For the quest, you need to make a total of 7 of these rings, so you'll need a grand total of: 7 journeyman's jewels, 7 journeyman's ornamental beads, 7 irons, 70 polishes, and 70 D-grade crystals. You should already have the other ingredients but you'll need the journeyman's jewels and ornamental beads. Blacksmith Altran will tell you information about obtaining these two items.

4) Go to Gludin Village and talk to Warehouse Keeper Norman. He will tell you to go to Hunter's Village and find Blacksmith Duning to get 30 Mithril Keys. After getting a voucher from Norman, BEFORE going to Hunter's Village, to first get another quest item, let's go to Gludio Castle Town and find Blacksmith Pinter.

5) Go to Gludio and talk to Blacksmith Pinter and he will tell you that while making the journeyman's ornamental bead, an amber bead is required and he will give you a recipe to make 5 amber beads from a lump of amber.

6) Take GK to Ant Nest and kill Ant, Ant Captain and Ant Overseers to collect Amber Beads and Amber Lump (very hard to fall). All of them give you the Amber Bead, but if you spoill have a chance to pick up more than one at same time.If you are Warsmith register the recipe and catch Amber Lumps use the Recipe Amber Bead to create 5 Amber Beads by Amber Lump. I fyou can't register the recipe when back to Pinter he will craft to you. Altogether you will need 70 Amber Beads. When have the itens back to Pinter and he tell you to go to Hunter Village.

7) Go to Hunter's Village and talk to Blacksmith Duning. He will ask you to hunt Breka Orcs to get the item mithril keys.

8) Go to north of Giran Castle Town (Breka Stronghold) and hunt Breka Orc,Breka Orc Archer,Breka Orc Warrior,Breka Orc Shaman, Breka Orc Overlord to get 30 Duning's Key. Dont need spoil. After you collect 30 of these, then return to Duning. He will then give you his key.

9) Go to to Gludin and talk to Warehouse Keeper Norman. He will thank you and remember at the last moment he needs more ingredients. The ingredients are as follows:
a) 70 Grey bone powder - from Ghoul and Strain. (Execution Ground - Dion region)
b) 70 Granite whetstones - from Granite Golems. . (Execution Ground - Dion region)
c) 70 Red Pigment - from Dead Seeker. . (Execution Ground - Dion region)
d) 70 Braided yard - from Silenos. (Plains of Dion near Monster Derby Track)

10) After you get these four ingredients return to Warehouse Keeper Norman in Gludin and he will give you the 7 journeyman's jewels.

11) Go back to Giran and talk to Warehouse Keeper Valkon. He will answer some questions, in the last question choose the 1st option and he will give you the Mark of Guildsman.


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