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Test of War Spirit

 Start Location
 Dion Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Seer Somak
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the War Spirit

1. The quest starts in Dion Castle Town Orc Guild. Talk to Seer Somak and he will ask you to searching for the remains of 4 dead: Braki’s remains, Kiruna’s remains, Tonar’s remains, and Hermot’s remains.

2. Go to Giran(or Hunter in some chronicles) and teleport to Dragon Valley. Talk to Orim and he will ask you to collect 10 of each of the following quest items: Porta’s Eye, Excuro’s Scale, and Mordeo’s Talon.

2.1 Go to Dion and teleport to Cruma tower.These monsters can be all found on the 1st floor. After collect all items return to Orim. He will give you Braki’s remains

3. Go to Gludio and talk to Seer Racoy in Orc Guild. . When you talk to Racoy he will send you off to talk to Priest Viviante (same town).

4. Go to Temple and talk to Priestess Vivyan. She will tell you to go meet Trader Salient who is at the southern entrance to Wasteland.

5. Go to Wasteland and meet Trader Sarien. Sarien will give you an Insect Diagram Book and tell you to go to the Ant Nest.

5.1 Go to Ant Nest and Collect 5 pieces of remains by killing Noble Ant`s. After you collect them all, return to Racoy in Gludio Orc guild and he will give you the Kirunas's reamin.

6. Now go to Oren and talk to Seer Pekiron in Orc Guild. Pekiron will tell you to go kill Leto Lizardman Shaman and Chiefs to collect 5 pieces of the remains.

6.1 Teleport to Plains of Lizardman and kill Leto Lizardmans till get the 5 items and return to Pekiron. Then Pekiron will give you the Tonar's remain.

7. Go to Giran Orc Guild and talk to Seer Manakia .He will ask you to kill the quest monster Stenoa Gorgon Queen and collect the skull and also kill Medusas to get totems.

7.1 Go walking to Gorgon Flower Garden and kill the quest monster and medusas till got the items and return to Manakia for the last of the remains.He will give you thet Hermot's remain.

8. Now you have the all 4 remains, return to Dion Orc Guild and talk to Somak. Somak will tell you to collect 13 Tamlin Orc necks as a present for the Ancient Spirit Martankus.

8.1 Go to Hunter Village. Tamlin Orcs are in west of village, south of the road. Kill them till you get the 13 Tamlin orc heads and go back to Somak in Dion Orc Guild and then he will tell you to go meet Martankus.

9. Go to Orc village and teleport to Caves of trial. Talk to Martankus and he will give you the Mark of Warspirit.

Congratulations! You completed the Test of Warspirit.

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