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Testimony of Life

 Start Location
 Dion Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Master Cardien
 No (Solo)
 Mark of Life

1. Quest begins at Dion Castle Town. Talk to Master Cardien in the warrior guild and he will tell you that the Mother Tree is dying.Select “I will join the struggle.” Cardien will give you the quest item Cardien's Letter and will tell you to give it to Hierarch/Elder Asterios in Elven Village.

2. In the Elven Village, visit the temple/guild building to find Asterios. Give Cardien's Letter to Asterios. He will want you to answer some questions. Select “I predict their bright future which their wit and courage will bring forth.”
And after “I will set off in search of the Water of Life.” If you answer properly, he will give you the quest items Moonflower's Charm and Hierarch/Elder's Letter and will ask you to bring back the quest item Life's Water.

3. Go to Elven Fortress and go walking to Iris Lake, south of Elven Village, and find the NPC Thalia. Give the Elder's Letter to Thalia. She will say to get the Life's Water, you need to go collect a Grail of Purity and Talin's Spear. First, to get the grail, you need to go to Giran Castle Town. She will give you Grail's Book.

4. At Giran, talk to Blacksmith Pushkin in the Blacksmith Shop and and give him the book. Pushkin will give you the quest item Pushkin's Ingredient List. On the list are 10 pure mithril lumps, 20 soldier ant's acid, and 20 wyrm's toenails/claws.

a) 20 Wyrm's claws.The wyrm can be found along the road from Giran to Oren. (Death Pass)

b) 10 Pure mithril lumps. Hunt Guardian Basiliskin Death Pass)

c) 10 Soldier Ant's acid. Hunt Ant warriors in Wasteland and in The Ant Nest.

5. After collecting the items on his list, return to Pushkin and he will give you the quest item Pure Mithril Grail. Take this back to Thalia.

6. When you give it to Talia, she will say that in order to complete the grail of purity she will need the quest item Stardust. To obtain it, you will now need to go to the Dark Elven region. Thalia will give you the quest item Thalia's Letter to carry with you.

7. Go to Dark Elfs Village and use Gk to Spider Nest . Go walking to Altar of Rites and talk to a witch called Arkenia.She will say that will give the stardust to you if you get her the quest item Andelia's Sacred Book. . She will give you the quest item Akenia's Orders to you delivery to Priest Adonius in the temple of Gludin Village.

8. Go to Gludin temple and take the orders to Adonius, he will give you the quest item Adonius's Ingredient List. On this list are 20 spider ichor and 20 harpy's Down.

a) 20 Harpy's down. Go to Giran and teleport to Breka Stronghold and go walking in direction of Gorgon Flower Garden and hunt harpy.

b) 20 spider icgor. Hunt Marh sipeders in the Cruma Marshlands (Dion area)

9. Once you collect all the items and return to Adonius, you will receive the quest item Andelia's Sacred Book copy. Take this back to Akenia in the Altar of Rites and she will give you the stardust. Return to Thalia at Iris Lake.

10. Now Thalia will give you the quest item Talia's Letter and send you off to Hunter's Village to find Isael Silvershadow. She will give you the quest item Isabel's Order for you to collect Talin's spear. The Talin's spear has been stolen and separated into 6 pieces.

11. Go to Oren and after to Plains of Lizardman. You will have to go hunt Leto Lizardman Shaman and Leto Lizardman Chief(Overlord) now. You have to collect the itens: Talin's spear blade, Talin's spear handle, Talin's ruby, Talin's aquamarine, Talin's amethyst, Talin's peridot.

Note: In Freya and H5 Plains of Lizardman are level 80+. The old Lizardamen are only found in location at map bellow.You need go to Hunter and go walking till the point marked in map.

12. When you get all itens return to Isael in Hunter Village and she will give you the spear and also the quest item Isabel's Letter.

13. Return to Thalia in the east of Iris Lake.If you talk with Thalia again she says that now she has the grail and the spear, but asks you to come back with the quest item Eva's Unicorn's Tear.

14. Unicorn of Eva can respaw in some places. When killing the unicorn, use the Talin's Spear that you received. The grail is needed to put the tears in. The unicorn spawns in two placesin the Iris Lake.

15. When you got the item return to Thalia and she will give you the quest item Life's Water. You need to take this back to the Elven Village's Asterios in the temple.

16. Once you give Asterios the Life's Water, Asterios will ask one last favor of you to save the mother tree. He will ask you to meet Master Cardien at Dion Castle Town to delivery the item Camomila's Charm.

17. Go to Dion and talk to Master Cardien in the warrior guild and give him the charm. He will then give you the quest item Mark of Life.


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