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Trial of Pilgrim

 Start Location
 Near the Orc Barracks
 Start Npc
 Hermit Santiago
 Dark Elf
 Shillien Elder
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Pilgrim

1) The quest begins at Gludin region in Orc Barracks. Talk to Hermit Santiago. He is near a house.He tells you have to first learn about Maphr (Orc Town) and then learn about Einhasad from Priest Primoz in Giran Town and finally go to Elf Town to learn about Eva and Shilen from the protector Andelia.

2) First go to Orc Village. Talk to Seer Tanapi. He is inside of temple, first room on at left. He will ask you to make the Essence of flame.

3) Go to the Cave of Trials and find Ancient Spirit Martankus. Enter in the cave and go to the first bridge, jump into the water on the right and go to the AncestorMartankus room. Talk to him and he says you have to go to the Forgotten Temple and hunt Lava Salamanders to collect the quest item Purification of Flame.
Ancestor Markantus location

4) Go to Gludin and after to Forgotten Temple. Enter the temple and go to kill the quest monster Lava Salamander. Note that there has too Ruins Salamanders, it isnt the one you have to kill.If you kill between 1 to 3 of the salamanders, they should drop the quest item "Purification of Flame". When you got the item return to the Ancient Spirit Martankus in the Cave of Trials in Orc Village.
Lava Salamander location

5) Go back to Tanapi into the temple and he will send you to Dwarf Town.

6) Go to Dwarven Village and talk to Gwari Twinklerock .He is outside the Blacksmith on the right. Then talk to Magister Gerald in the street near the GK gate and do not give the gift that he ask. Then talk to Dorf near the exit gate after the Bronze Key Guild and he will give you the Grey Badge from Dorf. Talk to Gerald again. And come back to talk to Dorf and he will send you to Giran.

7) Go to Giran Town and talk to Priest Primoz in the temple. He will send you to Talking Island (Human Village).

8) Go Talking Island (human Village) and talk to Priest Petron in the temple. He will ask you to hunt Nahir in the deep of the Elven Ruins.

9) Go to Elven Ruins and kill Nahir to get the Hair of Nahir. Usually the item falls after you kill 3 times Nahir. When het the item back to Priest Petron and he will send you to Elven Village.

10) Go to Elven Village and talk to Andellia. She is is in the square, just down the stairs next to the GK. She will send you to hunt Black Willows. Use Gk to Neutral zone and go walk skirting the lake and cross beneath the waterfall. Kill Black Willows until you get the item Debris of Willow. ( Dont go to town)

11) So instead of returning to the Elven Village, walk a bit further south to find the NPC Uruha. Talk to Uruha and get one book as a quest item. Now you need to return to the Elven Village but DO NOT ESCAPE. Here you will be sent back to the Dark Elf Town if you use the escape scroll. So walk back until be in elven village region to use escape.

12) Talk to Andellia and she will send you to Wasteland to give the book to Wiseman Cassian.

13) Go to gludin and after to Wasteland and find Cassian.Look at the map carefully. Or if you perhaps use the Gludin teleport to reach the Wasteland's South Entrance, you'll be able to find him quicker. (He seems to be hidden in some small road area). Talk to him and he will send you back to Santiago in Turek Orc Camp.

14) You get back to Santiago in the Turek Orc Camp and he will give you the quest item Mark of Pilgrim.

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