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Test of Summoner

 Start Location
 Start Npc
 High Summoner Galatea
 Dark Elf,  Elf,  Human
 Elemental Summoner,  Phantom Summoner,  Warlock
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Summoner

1. The quest starts in the Gludin Village's magic store. Talk to High Summoner Galatea. To complete the quest you will have to confront 6 summoners and challenge them. To challenge each, you need a challenge card. These cards are made by the magic trader located in Dion Castle Town.

2. Go to Dion and talk to Trader Lara in Grocery Store. She will give you lists of animals to kill and get 30 items at least of 2 mobs of the list. The lists are random, but if you take a list and do not like it, you can throw away it in the recycle bin of your inventory and get others that you like. When you return the items of each list, she will give you two Challenge cards. Therefore, you should complete 3 lists to get the 6 challenge cards you need.

3.I'm posting 5 lists that have been made. When you take the list with I hope you take at least 3 of the 5 that I posted, so you can follow the quest here:

3.1) Lara’s 1st List: Oren Village

---> Go to Plains of Lizardman and kill Leto Lizardman till get 30 Leto Lizardman Amulet

---> Go to Sea of Spores and kill Giant Fungus till get 30 Redspores.

3.2) Lara’s 2nd List: Oren and Hunter village

---> Go to Ivory Tower crater and kill Manashen Gargoyle till get 30 Shards of Manashen.

---> Go to Hunters Village and kill Karul Bugbear till get 30 Karul Bugbear Totem.

3.3) Lara’s 3rd List: Giran

---> Go to Breka Stronghold and kill Breka Orc till get 30 Breka Orc Totem.

---> Go to Hardins Private Academy and kill Fettered Soul till get 30 Crimson Bloodstone.

3.4) Lara’s 4th List: Giran and Gludin/Gludio

---> Go to Wasteland (Gludin) or Ant Nest (Gludio) and kill Tyranty till get 30 Talons of Tyrant.

---> Go to Hardin Private Academy (Giran) and kill Windsus till get 30 Tusk of Windsus.

3.5) Lara’s 5th List: Gludio and Giran

---> Go to The Ant Nest ( Gludio) and kill Noble Ant e Noble Ant Leader till get 30 Wings of Droneant.

---> Go to Death Pass (Giran) and kill Wyrmy till get 30 Fangs of Wyrm.

4. When you have 6 cards, open your summon to duel with the Quest Monsters summoners. You have to talk to NPC Summoner and kill the monster quest with your sumnoner. After talk again to the NPC Summoner to exchange the diamond victory by Arcana. The recommended order is:

4.1 Summoner Almors: west of the Elven Ruins on Talking Island. Summons Pako the Cat.

4.2 Summoner Basilia: Right near the Wasteland southern entrance that you can be teleported to. Summons Mimi the Cat.

4.3 Summoner Celestial: a little south of the Underground Fortress. Summons Unicorn Phantasm.

4.4 Summoner Beltuz: not too far south-east of Cruma Tower (outside). Summons Shadow Turen

4.5 Summoner Camoniel: south and a bit to the east from Floran. Summons Unicorn Racer

4.6 Summoner Brinshia: north-east of Giran, but south of Dragon Valley. Summons Silhouette Tilfo

5. Once you've collected 6 summoner's cards, return to Galatea in Gludin Magic Shop and she will give you the final quest item Mark of Summoner.

Congratulations! You completed the Test of the Summoner!

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