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Path of the Rogue

The quest can be started at lvl 19, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.

1- Speak with Captain Bezique out at the East Gate of Gludin. He tells you about a party of bandits. He needs you to take this letter to Neti .

2- Neti is near the center of town in Gludin. She tells you about Ruins of Agony.
She hands you a bow and dagger and tells you that you must use them to engage in combat. Buy some soulshots and arrow no grade to use with them.

3- There are the mobs you need to hunt in the Ruin of Agony.You will need 10 of Spartoi's Bones.

4- Return to Neti. She takes the bones and hands you The Horseshow of Light and tells you to go and see Captain Bezique. Bezique tells you about Cat's Eye Bandits near the Abandon Camp. He hands you a wanted poster. You will need to use again the Bow and Dagger at this point.

5- Go to Abandon Camp and kill the monsters quest Cat's Eye Bandits untill get the 4 itens asked for Bezique:Stolen Necklace, Stolen Tomes, Stolen Jewelry e Stoler Ring.

6- Return to Bezique he takes all the items and bow and dagger and rewards you with Experiance and Skill Points.

Congratulations!!!! Once you reach level 20, talk to Master of your Guild and take your 1st profession.
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