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Trial of Challenger

 Start Location
 Dion Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Dark Elf
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Challenger

1)The quest begin in Dion Town with NPC Kash. He is near the entrance of warehouse. Kash asks you to get Shisrashi's Ancient Scroll.

2)He advises you to go to Shisrashi's Cave.Go to Dark Elven village and teleport to Neutral Zone.The cave is at the back of the Swamp Area Waterfalls. Shyslyssys (also known as Shyslassys) is at a cave past the waterfall.She is surrounded by Basilisk minions, so you can either fight them all (and in that case, bring a lot of healing potions because they're social to her), or run to escape from them.After you kill her, you'll get two quest items: a Scroll of Shylassys and a Broken Key. If you are curious what the Broken Key is for, you should turn around on the other side of the cave,to the right of where you fought Shylassys,and you will find a treasure chest named Chest of Shylassys. if you're curious, just click on the chest and it'll automatically open it. Anyway, for the quest, you don't need to open the chest for the quest at all. Just go back to Kash once you've killed Shylassys. He'll tell you to find Martien in Giran.

3) Martien will ask you to kill monsters in Flouran Town. The quest monster's name is Gore ( Gorr ).

4) Gorr can be found in a cave next to the Monster Race Track. Go to Dion and telport to the Plains of Dion and running North. The cave should be on your left. She's also surrounded by Basilisk minions, so again, it's your choice to fight or run.If you kill this Gore, you wll receive the quest item Gazer's Eye . Go back to Martien.

5) Once Martien receives the Gazer's Eye, he will send you back to Flouran Town to kill the monster Baraham. In the area of Gore's nesting area, has another cave. But the location is as shown below.

6) Enter this cave and hunt a Gore-resembling medusa type of monster (Baraham) and receive the quest item "Gazer's Eye.Back in the previous chronicles,you had to go back to Giran and talk to Martien once Baraham was killed, but it's not necessary anymore, because Raldo appears inside the cave after Baraham is killed.You must talk to him to proceed with the quest.

7) Raldo will send you to go find Dwarf Town's Filaur. The quickest way to go is to travel in the direction of Wasteland and at the entrance of the Ant Caves use an escape scroll and you will be at Dwarf village.Filaur is at the Elder Council at the Dwarven Village.
NOTE THIS: make sure you are level 36 at least. If you are level 35 and find Filaur, he will say your abilities are insufficient and you cannot receive his quest.)

8) Filaur will tell you to hunt the Succubus Queen at the bottom of the Mithril Mines.First use the gatekeeper to teleport to the Northern Shores and follow the road south from there.Go down below and you will see the place where the succubus monster appears. If you look on the map of Elmore, you will see a red mark. The red mark is the location where you have to go.In this place will respaw 1~2 Succubus Queen. After you kill two of the queens, look on the map again. The mark should have gone away. After one queen, the mark will not disappear.But once you kill another, look at the map. When the mark has gone away you are done with killing the queens.

9) Now you have to talk to Raldo. Remember, he only shows up at night (in-game time). Once you speak to him, you will receive the quest item Mark of Challenger.
NOTE: In some chronicles Raldo can respaw after you kill the Queens. In some he respaw only at night of server time and in other he can be found at Baraham was killed.

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