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Trial of Seeker

 Start Location
 Giran Castle Town
 Start Npc
 Master Dufner
 Dark Elf
 Abyss Walker
 Phantom Ranger
 Plain Walker
 Silver Ranger
 Treasure Hunter
 No (Solo)
 Mark of the Seeker

1) The quest starts in Giran. Talk to Master Dufner in the Human Fighter's Guild. He will give you the quest item "Dufner's Item". He will sent you to Dion Castle Town to talk to Master Terry.

2) Master Terry is in the Human Fighter's Guild of Dion. He will give you the quest item "Terry's Written Orders".

3) Go to Execution Ground and hunt the monster "Near Crawler(or Ghoul) Berserker".There are two types of Near Crawler(or Ghoul). The one called "Near Crawler" does not give the quest item. You must hunt the one called Near Crawler(or Ghoul) Berserker. It will drop the quest item Mysterious Magic Crystal.

4) After obtaining the quest item, return to Dion Town to Master Terry. From here on, you will have to return back to town numerous times. Make sure you have enough escape scrolls. When you return to Master Terry he will ask you to hunt more monsters.The list of monsters are:
a)Turek Orc General (in Turek Orc Camp)
b)Ant Captain (in Wasteland)
c)Ol Mahum Captain (in Resistance's Hideout)
d)Turek Bugbear Warrior (north of Giran Town)

a) Turek Orc General located in Turek Orc Camp - Quest Item "Turek Orc's Magic Crystal" (white/smoke colored)
b) Ant Captain is located in Wasteland - Quest Item "Worker Ant's Magic Crystal" (white colored)
c) Ol Mahum General is located in Resistance's Hideout ( Dion GK to Fortress Resistence) - Quest Item "Ol Mahum's Magic Crystal" (pink colored)
d) Turek Bugbear Warrior is located north of Giran Town but south of Dragon Valley - Quest Item "Turek Bugbear's Magic Crystal" (gold colored)

5) After you have collected all four magic crystals, return to Master Terry in Dion.Master Terry sends you to Hunter's Town. He tells you to take a letter and chest to Viktor in Hunter's Town and you will receive the quest item "Terry's Chest".

6) Go to Hunter's Town and talk to Viktor in the at weapon and armors shop.When Viktor asks Terry's real name answer Altebar Karryos. If you get this part wrong, you will have to go back to Dion. He will give you the quest item "Viktor's Written Request". Now you have to collect 10 Medusa Scales.

7) Go to Giran. The Medusas are between Gordons Flowers Garden and Giran Castle.Kill them until get 10 Medusa's Scale and return to Viktor in Hunter Town. He will sends you to Magister Marina in the Ivory Tower in Oren to analyze his magic crystals. You will receive the quest item "Analysis Written Request".

8) Go to Oren and after to Ivory Tower. Magister Marina is located on the 2nd floor Human Wizard Guild. She will give you the quest item "Marina's Letter" to you delivery to Blacksmith Brunon in Dwarf Town.

9) Go to Dwarf Village and talk to Blacksmith Brunon.He will give the quest item "Experiment Tool" to be delivered to Magister Marina.

10) Go back to the Ivory Tower and talk to Magister Marina. After she completes her analysis of the magic crystals she will send you back to Master Terry in Dion Town.

11) Master Terry sends you to hunt more monsters to get the Abyss's Magic Crystals. The list of monsters is as follows:

a)Marsh Stakato Drone (located in Cruma Tower area)
Swamp Staccato Drone - Quest Item Abyss's Magic Crystal

b)Ant Warrior Captain (located in Wasteland)
Ant Warrior Captain - Quest Item Abyss's Magic Crystal

c)Breka Orc Overlord (located north of Giran almost in Dragon Valley)
Breka Orc Overlord - Quest Item Abyss's Magic Crystal

d)Leto Lizardman Warrior (located near Iris Lake, west of Hunter's Town, south of Oren Town
Leto Lizardman Warrior - Quest Item Abyss's Magic Crystal

12) After you have collected all 4 Abyss's Magic Crystals, you have to again go back to Dion Town and talk to Master Terry.Now Terry will give you the quest item "Terry's Report" to be carried to Giran Town's Master Dufner.He will give you the quest item Mark of Seeker.

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