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Path to Trooper

The quest can be started at lvl 18, but I advise just start at Level 20 because the new skills will only be available at this level.

1) This quest starts with Master Gwain in the Kamael Guild at Gludio. He says that you must pass a test to be admitted into the higher Kamael ranks. The test is simple in the sense of "straightforward" but not in the sense of "easy". Therefore you should first undergo additional training with Master Shubain in Gludin.

2) Master Shubain is in the Kamael Guild at the west gate of Gludin Village.

3) For the first part of your training you have to go to the Fellmere Harvesting Grounds north of Gludin and kill Felim Lizardman Warriors . When you have 5 Lizardman Heads, return to Shubain.

4) For the second part of the testyou have to kill Venomous Spiders. They are on the top of Windmill Hill.

5) When you have 10 Spider Legs, return to Gludin. Master Shubain will write you a letter of recommendation.

6) Back to Gludio and talk to Master Gwain in the Kamael Guild.He sends you to the Ruins of Agony, west of Gludio, to kill Tumran Bugbears until you obtain a Bugbear Heart.

7) Take the Tumran Bugbear Heart back to Master Gwain in Gludio. He will write you a letter of recommendation for Grand Master Gershwin, who is standing right next to him and will complete your class change if you are level 20.

Note:2nd job lvl 40 : Soul Breaker or Berserker

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